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With on-campus housing at New England Tech, you’ll enjoy a residence hall that’s full of innovative, student-centered technology, for the best in studying and entertainment options. Everything in our on-campus housing has been designed with connection and comfort in mind. When you live on-campus, you will watch exciting sports games, game with the best, find new friends and make lasting memories sitting by the fire in our modern lounges. You will meet friends for refreshments or a light meal in our community kitchen; and, find quiet get-away nooks for focused study. About living accommodations, we have options that include single occupancy or double rooms you can share with a friend. You can choose from traditional rooms and modified suites with private bathrooms.

On-Campus Housing Information

  • Housing Options

    All new incoming students who are enrolling in an associate degree program are welcome to apply for housing. A formal offer of residency from 麻豆传媒视频 will include a guarantee of six consecutive academic terms (the typical length of an associate degree program). Exceptions will be made for those students in associate degree programs that require a seventh term. Students may later apply for additional terms of housing, but residency will only be granted on a space-available basis.

    The Meltzer Residence Hall is fully air-conditioned and has every modern convenience. The majority of our rooms are traditional double and semi-suite double rooms. There are also a limited number of traditional single and semi-suite single rooms. The bathrooms for the semi-suites are located within the suites, and the private bathrooms for the traditional rooms are located along the hallway. Living communities are divided into 13 “pods” with each accommodating approximately 30 students. Each pod has its own lounge and study areas. Other social spaces include study rooms, game areas, a multi-purpose lounge with a fireplace, a community kitchen area, and a high-tech laundry room that sends you a text when your laundry is done. The residence hall features a beautiful outdoor terrace with BBQ and a generous courtyard for movies-on-the-lawn, social events and student recreation.

    The Meltzer Residence Hall, built in 2017, houses 400 residents. Meltzer Hall features game areas, study rooms, lounge with fireplace and kitchen, and a high-tech laundry room, so students can find both community and comfort here.

    Meltzer Hall offers traditional doubles and semi-suite doubles as well as single and semi-suite single rooms. The building is divided into 13 pods, each with 30 students, that house their own lounge and study area.

    Housing assignment information, including location and roommate contact information, will be sent to you approximately four weeks before your term start date, if you are beginning 麻豆传媒视频 in the fall term. Students beginning in other terms will receive this information approximately two weeks before the term starts. In order to receive an assignment, your room and board fees must be paid in full at this time, unless your financial aid has been appropriated accordingly.

  • Rates

    The room rates vary according to the type of room assigned to the student.

    For the 2024-2025 academic year (July 15, 2024 鈥 June 1, 2025) rates, options are:

    Traditional/Single: $12,840
    Traditional/Double: $9,840
    Two Bedroom Suite/Single: $13,920
    Two Bedroom Suite/Double: $11,340

    The quarterly rates for the same period are:

    Traditional/Single: $4,280
    Traditional/Double: $3,280
    Two Bedroom Suite/Single: $4,640
    Two Bedroom Suite/Double: $3,780

    Although the 麻豆传媒视频 housing contract typically begins in July and ends in June (the end of the Spring term),the length of each student鈥檚 housing contract is determined by when the student actually begins. Students will be billed quarterly.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

    New resident students must pay a $225 housing deposit to reserve a space in the residence hall. If a student chooses not to live on campus after paying this deposit, refunds will be available on select refundable dates . This deposit will be held as a damage deposit for as long as the student is a resident. The damage deposit, minus the cost for any damage, will be credited to the student鈥檚 account following the student鈥檚 final term of residency.

    Returning resident students must pay a $200 room reservation deposit each spring prior to completing the Returning Student Housing Application. This deposit will be credited to the student鈥檚 account to offset future housing costs. Returning resident students who fail to pay this deposit by the stated deadline will be excluded from the housing selection process and will not be guaranteed a space in the residence hall. Students who withdraw from housing prior to the start of the Summer Term will not be refunded the Room Reservation Deposit. Resident students who leave the residence hall during their enrollment at 麻豆传媒视频 and later wish to return to the Residence Hall must pay a $200 housing deposit to reserve a space in the residence hall.

    A resident student who wishes to discontinue living in the residence hall must immediately notify the Office of Residence Life by completing the Housing Move-Out form, located in My Housing. The student will have 24 hours after the withdrawal date to vacate the room, remove all personal belongings, and complete the checkout process with a member of the Residence Life staff. Students who fail to complete this process prior to moving out of the residence hall will be charged a $200 Improper Checkout Fee. In accordance with 麻豆传媒视频鈥檚 Refund Policy published in the university catalog, a student who assumes residence in any given term is responsible for all room charges for that term. Meal plan refunds are pro-rated according to the schedule outlined in the Refund Policy.

  • Special Housing Accommodation

    Meltzer Residence Hall is designed to accommodate students with a wide range of disabilities. Students with disabilities who wish to request housing accommodations must communicate their needs to the Student Advisor and provide current and comprehensive documentation concerning the nature and extent of their disability. The documentation must include a specific diagnosis and describe the functional limitations of the condition, particularly as it may affect living in the residence hall. Students with disabilities are advised to request housing accommodations well in advance of their arrival to campus (preferably at, or before, the time of their housing application), or in advance of when they will need a specific accommodation, in order to allow time to make necessary and appropriate arrangements. For more information on housing accommodation requests, please contact the Student Advisor.

  • Safety and Security

    New England Tech is dedicated to providing a safe and secure campus environment, and we have a skilled, mission-driven team in our Department of Public Safety and Campus Security. They are equipped to handle emergency events, including security concerns and crisis response. All student rooms have fire safety systems, and residence halls have access controls to enhance security.

  • Off-Campus Housing Support

    A Housing Coordinator assists students from outside the area who want to live off-campus by identifying local housing options, from local apartment complexes to various rental properties. Students are responsible for their choice of housing.

    For more information, contact our Housing Coordinator at 401-467-7744, extension 3478.

  • What You Should Bring on Move-In Day
  • Minifridge and Microwave Rentals

    Personal refrigerators are not allowed in the residence hall. 麻豆传媒视频s only approved mini fridge or microwave vendor is MicroChill. Prior to move-in day, you may rent a microwave/fridge unit from them by visiting . Personal mini fridges are not allowed.