Advanced Training for Employers

For more than 30 years, (CTI) at New England Tech has been at the forefront of creating customized, advanced employee training for corporations and organizations of all sizes and industries. We offer short-term, in-person and online professional development modules and specialized academic degree programs.

  • Specialized Corporate Training

    CTI offers customized workforce development training in a wide variety of professional disciplines. Despite your industry niche or competition, we know that there鈥檚 no other company exactly like yours. That鈥檚 why we don鈥檛 offer out-of-the-box training modules for any of our clients. Instead, we pride ourselves on the strategic development of specific, targeted, customized solutions that meet your specific training needs and work within your allocated budget.

  • Customized Degree Programs

    Although we offer more than 50 associate, bachelor鈥檚, master鈥檚, and online degree programs across many professional disciplines, many of our clients are looking for an even more targeted degree program to address nuances specific to their niche industry, competition, products, services, and customers.

  • Autodesk Training Center

    More than 35 years ago, Autodesk designated New England Tech as an Authorized Training Center 鈥 the only one in Rhode Island. At New England Tech, you will be trained on Autodesk products at the only place where you can be fully and properly trained in the state. As the world鈥檚 largest provider of design visualization software, Autodesk is uncompromising in its standards for upholding the integrity of its product 鈥 and how it is applied in the real world.

  • Marine Technician Training

    Servicing, repairing, and troubleshooting today鈥檚 sophisticated marine systems demand an education that鈥檚 not just current but cutting edge. Precisely crafted in conjunction with the American Boat Builders and Repairers Association, our marine education training programs are customized and comprehensive. Practical, hands-on skills are supported by relevant and vital course content, designed with the input of industry experts and educators.

  • Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Institute (SAMI)

    The Shipbuilding and Advanced Manufacturing Institute (SAMI) was established by New England Institute of Technology (麻豆传媒视频) to train workers hired by regional manufacturers. Participants experience intensive, customized programs in welding, ship-fitting, and machinist training.

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